Deciding to learn online can be such a big step and comes with a whole set of unique characteristics and benefits. While there are many wonderful experiences with traditional learning (i.e., face-to-face interactions with instructors and friends, a physical campus to study), online learning equally has its own benefits from flexible hours to fostering collaboration.

As you process how online learning can work for you, we have crafted out some easy peasy ways to be successful as an online learner:
đź’ˇDevelop a Time Management Strategy: Time management is your key to success in an online learning environment.
đź’ˇDevelop a Support Network: Another way to achieve success in an online course comes down to developing a strong, reliable support network. A support network can consist of your family, friends, colleagues, classmates, instructors, an advisor, etc.
đź’ˇAvoid burnout: It is easy to become overwhelmed with the amount of information to learn, discussions to keep up with, and assignments to complete, all while balancing your professional responsibilities and personal commitments. Avoiding extreme tiredness is key to staying successful in your online learning journey.
đź’ˇSet clear expectations: Ensure that you have enough time to dedicate to your course and that you can consistently attend all aspects of the program, including any live teaching sessions. Aim to dedicate the same level of commitment and attitude towards your learning and task completion as you would to a regular, in-person course.