My friends and family laugh at me whenever we’re out and about, because I can’t help but tell anybody I meet that they should make an online course. I’ve tried to convince my hairdresser, my podiatrist as he was scraping the hard skin off my heel, even the man who came round to fit my new windows. The reason I tell people they should make an online course is because I know how easily it can change your life. A couple of years ago, I created my first online course, and my life has never been the same.

1. It’s relatively easy

2. You don’t need any qualifications

3. It’s free

4. You will learn so much

5. You will make money

6. You will have more free time

7. You only need to do it once

8. You can turn it into a book

9. You can turn it into a podcast

10. Everybody has something they can teach